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So in 2010, when the most recent census came out, artist R.Luke Du Bois (TED Talk: Insightful human portraits made from data) decided to make his own survey of the country.

Du Bois talks us through the renamed country and shows why the keywords he uncovered constitute no less than the map of a population’s soul.

He has collaborated on interactive performance, installation, and music production work with many artists and organizations and was the director of the Du Bois views his work as a journey in redefining the concept of human portraits using data.

In the below we delve into some of the examples Dubois shared during the talk, as well as the key takeaways from his diversity of projects.

Below is a topographic map of the state of Washington, pronounced by the word “Heartbreak” in Seattle, “Email” in Microsoft-based Redmond, and “Bodies” in Kirkland.

Here is another map of California’s major metropolitan areas, with the San Francisco Bay Area on the right (San Francisco Bay, East Bay and Silicon Valley) and Greater Los Angeles Area (Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire) on the left.

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shared his work and perception on data and arts in the Gov Lab offices.

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