Invalidating query cache entries key magento

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Invalidating query cache entries key magento

Caching in PHP is usually done on a per-object basis, people will cache a query or some CPU intensive calculations to prevent redoing these CPU intensive operations. I have an old site which uses this method and gets 105 requests per second on really old hardware.

An alternative that is used, for example in the Super Cache Word Press plug-in, is to cache the full-page data.

They passed on their experience acquired in the field through basic principles that served as guiding stars amid the sound and fury of battle. Like a successful battle plan, good architectural choices are based on contingencies.

What if the volume of this or that table increases unexpectedly?

The default recurring behavior is for recurring contracts to be established and used within a single merchant account.

However, your account can be configured to allow you to use stored details across all merchant accounts associated with your company account.

Depending on the payment method, one or more fields may be blank or incomplete, for example, CVC for a card.

This essentially mean that you create a page only once.

This introduces the problem of stale data which people usually solve by checking whether data is still valid or by using a TTL caching mechanism and accepting stale data.

Credit cards - The details are represented by the Card object.

Bank accounts The details are represented by the Bank Account object.

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